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Hotevilla-Bacavi is a Native American village located in Navajo County, Arizona. It is home to the Hopi Tribe and is situated on the Hopi Reservation, which covers over 1.5 million acres of land in northeastern Arizona. The village is made up of two separate communities: Hotevilla and Bacavi, which are both located on the Third Mesa of the Hopi Reservation.

The name Hotevilla means “place of the hot springs” in the Hopi language, while Bacavi means “place of motion.” The two communities have a combined population of around 1,400 people, and the majority of the residents are of Hopi descent. The village is known for its rich cultural heritage and traditions, and it plays a vital role in preserving the Hopi way of life.

Hotevilla-Bacavi is a close-knit community where traditional Hopi customs and beliefs are still very much alive. The village is home to a number of traditional kivas, which are sacred underground chambers used for religious ceremonies and social gatherings. The kivas are considered the heart of the community and are central to the spiritual and social life of the Hopi people.

The village is also known for its traditional arts and crafts, including pottery, basket weaving, and kachina doll carving. These traditional crafts are passed down from generation to generation and are an important part of the Hopi culture.

Hotevilla-Bacavi is also known for its agricultural practices, with many residents still farming the land using traditional methods. The village is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including the rugged mesas and canyons of the Hopi Reservation, which feature breathtaking vistas and provide residents with a connection to the land that has sustained them for centuries.

In recent years, the village has faced challenges related to economic development and access to resources, but the residents have shown resilience and determination in preserving their way of life. Hotevilla-Bacavi is a living testament to the strength and perseverance of the Hopi people, and it continues to be a place of great cultural importance for the tribe.